Introducing Ampelus – the single-screen cloud-based solution for production flow management.
As simple as a traffic light.

Ampelus offers a modular structure,
allowing businesses to add or remove functional modules based on their needs.

You can start using the solution with very simple yet extremely useful and convenient features,
gradually adding more additional features over time as you deem necessary.


Power of simplicity

Just one main screen

No training or any other hidden additional investment in IT resources.


100% flexibility

Industry-agnostic solution.

AI-assisted initial configuration takes up to 10 min.

The shortest time-to-value.


Cloud native

Effortlessly run production flow from any location – whether it's a client's office, business event, home, or even while on vacation.

One of the core operational windows of Ampelus.

Displays the entire production process from a single component to complex multi-component systems.


This feature allows for instant identification and reservation of available production slots on the shop floor.

Booking window
Operator Console

Operator Console

The primary window through which the key element of the industrial chain, the machine operator, interacts.

History Log

All orders completed by you are stored here and available for analysis in just one click.

With two clicks, you can re-enter the order into the production plan, preserving ALL its attributes, routes, and drawings.

History Log
Area Statistics Window

Area Statistics Window

Provides compiled information for a specific area, machine, or operator.

Enables the determination of machine or operator productivity on this machine, ranging from weekly to monthly intervals, including precise production execution timelines.

Settings Menu

Similar to configuring a messenger on your smartphone.

Quick, simple, and intuitive. Video tutorials are readily available here, ensuring no distractions while you customize your settings

Settings Menu
Administration Panel

Administration Panel

The product's "HQ," which you'll only use once at the very beginning. And you'll handle it yourself!

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