Tired of endless phone calls and solving production issues in messengers?
Yeah, it's frustrating.
Now production management is:
Without delays
From anywhere in the world


is a cloud-based solution designed to streamline production site management,

all within a single interface.

With our 'single screen' principle

we simplify the complexities of production flow management, empowering you to efficiently oversee your operations with ease.

Say goodbye

to juggling multiple tools and welcome the simplicity of Ampelus, where everything you need is just a click away..

Setup in 10 minutes

Forget about the concept of "implementation" and launch your production management solution over a cup of coffee.

Industry agnostic

But you can also use the best industry practices.

Full Process Control

Our unique traffic light visualization system allows you to always stay informed about the real production situation.

New Level of Customer Interaction

Our customer notification module enables clients to stay informed about order progress and stage completion quality without excessive manager contact.

Enhanced Collaboration with Subcontractors

The Mirror submodule facilitates transparent collaboration with your subcontractors.

Automatic Production Planning

With this module, you can schedule your production workload and resolve conflicts without leaving home.

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Ampelus distinguishes itself through a unique blend of hands-on experience and professional industrial expertise.

Developed by a team with ownership of real manufacturing enterprises, our solution is enriched by practical insights gained from years of navigating production challenges firsthand.

This ensures that Ampelus isn't just another software solution, but a finely-tailored tool crafted by industry insiders who intimately understand the needs and expectations of manufacturers.

Are you an industrial expert? Take your path in improving the world

Partnership oppotunities

Why Ampelus differs?


No implementation required!

Just watch video tutorials, and today you're already an experienced user!


Instant training

for staff of all ages and computer literacy levels. The interface isn't just intuitive—it's been extensively field-tested and specially adapted for staff of any skill level.


Interface Personalization:

The ability to customize the interface for each user, enhancing their user experience and making the program as comfortable as possible.


Open API

Cloud-based approach with an open API enables integration with various CRM systems.


Ampelus Mirror

represents the latest form of communication between the enterprise and the client, where the customer can access stage-by-stage updates. It fosters partnership between the enterprise and the end customer through a single platform.


Our clients are our partners

and grow with us, suggesting and mastering new functionalities. New subscribers are offered two months free. The subscription fee is so low that it can be overlooked within any production framework.

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Benefits for business


Higher customer satisfaction

No missed deadlines.

Client can track his orders progress online.


Streamlined production flow

Less tensions and balanced equipment workload.


No “waiting for a boss” waste

The boss is always “in the game” wherever he/she physically is.


The order in communications

Less chats

Less “emergency” or “last minute” calls


Less time for reports

All production results are out-the-box.


Quality control

The quality control operations may be filmed and stored.

What do our clients say?

Dmitry Okunev MMPO, LTD Managing Director Machinery manufacturing
Ampelus revolutionized our approach to production workflows, akin to how Tesla transformed the automotive industry
Zhanna Zinovieva Flow Wow Managing Director Flower production
Ampelus allowed me spend more time with my clients, instead of going to the workshop every 3 hours
Elena Belyaeva Marlen, LTD Managing Director Clothing manufacturing
In the fashion industry, meeting deadlines is crucial. Ampelus assists us in managing our subcontractors effectively.
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